Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!! Our Engines are Revvin It's 2011!!

Happy New Year to all of our ravenous rabid readers!!! You may have noticed that all of our previous posts from previous years are GONE! *gasp* No, no, no Ashley what have you done, you say? YES YES YES We are starting off bright and new in the All-American Team blog periodical. Our reports won't be few and far between any longer! You will hear about every canine catastrophe, poochie premiere, and revolutionary rover. Trials, tricks, and traveling, will be typed, taped, and...if necessary...telegraphed!! On those dastardly days where I have nothing to debate or divulge, you will be feverishly filled with fast action PHOTOGRAPHY!

So be prepared to read about everything from dogs to diet. Fresh and new and always fun, it's 2011 with the All American Team...WATCH 'EM RUN!!!

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Nat said...


Sorry for the caps and the !'s.

But I am :D