Sunday, March 6, 2011

Poor Armani

No I am not referring to the suit at all. I am referring to the dog. Yes, yesterday evening a dog leaped into my car as I was leaving my friend's house. His name was Armani. I can't tell you how shocked I was. I took him home, but kept him in the yard because it was late and Bella really doesn't appreciate foreign dogs in her house...Abbey doesn't care. In any case, this morning I decided that I'd give him a hair cut before his owners came to get him because he desperately needed one and I was so sad at what I found. He was covered in mats and ticks. Ewwww. That's no fun for ANY doggie. That poor dog was so uncomfortable that I was even physically relived after I clipped him.

Those Pictures I Promised

Gee Abbey, what happened??

Tennis Ball Fuzz, in the mouth

Do you want the ball?!!

Ha! Of course she wants the ball.

This is what Abbey and I do when we're, well...bored!