Friday, August 30, 2013

2 New Team Members

We have additions to this lovely squad known as the All American Team. Both new members are in training and both are super smart and absolutely adorable. I'd like to introduce to you 

All American Team's Short Stack Fast Paws "Arabella"

And All American Team's Set Your COURSE on Fire "Aiko"

Now, Arabella has been part of the household as my mother's rescue for quite some time now. However, I never got serious about doing agility with her because I wasn't really sure it was her thing. My original assumptions were false. Bella does love to work and she likes jumps and tunnels! At the moment she isn't too crazy about contact obstacles, but I plan on working her into liking (at least) the a frame. I'll mostly compete with her in jumpers and steeplechase runs. Most of the official training will start this fall!

The amazing Aiko was an animal services puppy that I was able to adopt through an adoption ambassador (a foster parent that can perform adoptions from her home). Aiko is a perfectly well rounded dog. She is smart, funny, and has plenty of energy and drive. She impresses me every day on how quick she is to pick up on things and how willing she is to play. 

I hope you start reading about us again, we've been gone for a while. We have new and exciting adventures ahead.