Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dog is my Co-Pilot

I might have mentioned this in a previous post a long time ago, but Abbey had started becoming exceedingly stressed while riding in the car. So, since I didn't want that behaviour to stick, I started working on her overall association to riding in the car from what was making her feel uncomfortable to things I knew she was frightened of. She started getting better but today we decided to up the anti and ask her to keep calm in the car while it was raining. To any other dog, whatever, but to Abbey? SCARY. Rain pelting a metal roof, water sloshing in the tires, grinding gears, and those funky looking windshield wipers...She is not a fan. I also didn't bring food in the car today. The reward wasn't given until we got home. Well, what a champ! She rode in that car on the seat, not trying to dig her way to China fruitlessly. No fervent shaking and teeth clenching for her, just some mild panting here and there. I was very impressed on the drive back when she didn't have a crazy "the world is ending right now mommy I need to run" reaction as a car came by and splashed water onto the side of mine, which normally would have sent her into a tizzy. I was also pleased by her initiative to relieve her own stress..."here, let me yawn, that usually helps." GOOD GIRL! Since she did so brilliantly and was pretty much unaffected by the car ride, even traversing the highway, I decided to test her "waiting skills." Park the car, take off my seat belt, turn off the ignition, open the door, step out aaaand OKAY! Mind you I did have to continually say "sit, wait, wait wait, wait there, sit" but that's okie dokie for now. It's a great feeling to know that Abbey can once again be my trusty co-pilot, let's go on a car ride.

PHOTO OP: (iPhone 3Gs Quality...can't wait for 4s) 

Our lovely Miami Summer Rain

Lying down calmly in the passenger's seat

the YAWN up and coming

Whazzat?! When the water splashed. Alert, but not Mankey Eyed. DOG IS MY CO-PILOT!