Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Wags and No Woofs

What with the channel change on YouTube and school killing me everyday I haven't been able to do much blog updating, BUT never fear I didn't forget.

Abbey and I have been taking walks to park when it isn't too hot or rainy (which is not ver often because it's the rainy AND hot season here in South Florida), and last week we went to the park and there were other people there walking their dogs. Of course Abbey had been doing great not reacting to other people, but other dogs?? Eh, I wasn't going to expect much silence out of her that day. Well, Abbey shocked the heck out of me, she didn't react NOT ONCE to the other 2 dogs in the park. Lucky enough for her I felt the need to bring hot dogs with me this trip, so for her most amazing effort to watch the doggies walk by, notice them and not bark, she received some yummy beef franks =).

We also had some fun playing on the playground equipment where a lady and her baby were awe-struck over the fact that Abbey chooses to go down the slide next to her mommy. Well, of course!! She's 6 years old she knows how to do the slide by herself by now, right? OH! You mean because she's a dog...LOL. Well, just like your baby she's been doing it since she was little.

All in all, a wonderful day with my rescue baby. Also, a new note...there might be an addition to the team within the next year and a half, but you didn't hear that from me.