Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If you want to Watch Us Run!

Advanced Jumpers Q

Advanced Standard NQ

Steeplechase CLEAN

Advanced Snooker NQ

Advanced Jumpers Q and Title

Pictures of the Poochie!

in the truck on our way to Winter Park, FL

Abbey checking out the sites at a rest stop

Her and I that morning before we left the house!

The infamous picture with the luggage Abbey always takes

Her at 4:00 am saying "you pack, I'll wait here"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

That's why She's "The Air Up There"

Abbey and I just returned from an agility trial in Winter Park, FL. FUN FUN FUN! I've learned a thousand and one things. What are some of those things? That my handling skills need major improvement because Abbey is just waay to fast for me and I am slowing my poor girl down. Also, that I need to work more on startline stays. Sometimes she does it and sometimes I'm breaking my ankle to keep up with the little booger. So...highlights and totally awesome points. She nearly Qualified in Steeplechase, and Had a beautiful snooker opening with the fastest weaves ever. What happened, you say? The handler happened. Yeah, yeah, I know...I'm WORKING on it.

So...what did we come home with? Q and 3rd in Advanced Relay, Q and 2nd in Advanced Jumpers, aaaannnnd...Q, 4th, and TITLE in advanced jumpers. YES, that's right, we're on to MASTERS!!! Come on, come on you know you're excited for us. I'm just in shock because she zipped through advanced jumpers like it was nothing and now we're in masters...MASTERS?!! Nuh uh!!

Well, at the moment I want SLEEEP and I will get to the posting of pictures in a wee bit. MAYBE...MAYBE I will post videos too...but don't get too excited ;).

People, you should all know "There's No Q Like a ResQ"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Get those Contacts!!!

Abbey and I played agility today!!

At the field where we usually train they got some BRAND NEW CONTACTS!! They still have the old ones, yes, but they had NEW ONES. Hahaha, New Year, New Contacts...ALL AWESOME!! Now, these are just some raw video clips that I took for those of you who love to watch my crazy mutt in training -cough-NAT-cough-. She is doing SO WELL!! I am proud of how she performed on a brand new never before seen teeter (which was actually a pretty loud one). I am glad she didn't get freaked by the slightly louder DW as well. As a matter of fact I think we have come a pretty long way!!

She's so cute going after her disc and playing in the water tub. It was VERY hot today (83 degrees) and she performed stupendously. Our trial this weekend is going to be cold so I don't know how that will affect us. She's already fast...any faster and she'll break my ankle. Hopefully she'll give me time to think, LOL, think so that I know which obstacle to take while she's zooming past me.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution #1

At the beginning of the past year I wanted many things for myself. A better diet, a better exercise program. What did I get? Stress, stress, stress. So, since I have entered a new beginning once again with this BRAND NEW YEAR I've decided to put into effect my past resolutions. A better diet, a better exercise program. Yesterday I got started on working towards a more healthful diet eating minimal animal/meat products and indulging in more veggies. Do I still eat meats, YES I do, but I have limited it to mostly chicken/fowl and fish. I also limited it to once (and if I'm desperate twice) each week. I've also made an improvement on portion size and learned a thing or two about filling foods.

Where did I go? Whole Foods Organic Market. Yes, one of my most favourite grocery shopping centers...for my dogs. It's where I used to go to buy the girl's organic buffalo and lean ground beef. I knew, of course, that they had delicious and nutritious items for people as well, I just didn't bother to take the time and get into it. So while I was in there I bought some organic goat cheese, spinach, romaine hearts, kale, bananas, and other sorts of food related paraphernalia so that I could begin created awesome healthy meals ;)! Oh right SHROOMS can't forget about those. I'm crazy about mushrooms.

Alright, so, New Years Resolution #1:

Happy New Year!!! Our Engines are Revvin It's 2011!!

Happy New Year to all of our ravenous rabid readers!!! You may have noticed that all of our previous posts from previous years are GONE! *gasp* No, no, no Ashley what have you done, you say? YES YES YES We are starting off bright and new in the All-American Team blog periodical. Our reports won't be few and far between any longer! You will hear about every canine catastrophe, poochie premiere, and revolutionary rover. Trials, tricks, and traveling, will be typed, taped, and...if necessary...telegraphed!! On those dastardly days where I have nothing to debate or divulge, you will be feverishly filled with fast action PHOTOGRAPHY!

So be prepared to read about everything from dogs to diet. Fresh and new and always fun, it's 2011 with the All American Team...WATCH 'EM RUN!!!