Thursday, March 29, 2012

I failed.

Okay, so if it wasn't obvious enough, I completely failed on the 52 weeks challenge. I will try to make an attempt again next year or restart this summer. Summer to summer seems like a good record of 52 weeks to keep, right?!

Alright, I also haven't been writing much lately either. There's been plenty of unwanted DRAMA that occured at the beginning of this year, and it took up the majority of my time and thoughts. The good ol' boyfriend dumped me for reasons that should be chucked in a fire and burned to ashes, and then those ashes should be thrown into Mount Doom to further become incinerated and never seen again. Long story short...the depression got to me tenfold and Abbey was spending most of her time licking away my tears or acting like a class clown to put that non-existant smile back on my face.

After many moons of cursing the man to hell and back just so that I could curse him back to hell again, I realized he just wasn't worth any of my bloody time or thoughts. So, naturally, BACK to my amazing doggie. I am unsure as to whether I mentioned this previously, but Abbey has gone into rehab for the rest of the trial season and won't be back on the circuit again until the season upkicks in the fall. Why? Well, no she hasn't suffered any injuries, but she did get beat up a little bit at our last trial...WHICH WAS VERY SUCCESSFUL A steeplechase win and 2 more Masters Jumpers legs. I tell you this girlie is near flawless. But she fell off the Aframe once and also flew off the teeter. Since the beginning of her career, this dog has never had an adjustment (a chiropractic adjustment)...and well, I have to say NAUGHTY MOMMY. Abbey, in both training and trial, has fallen off dog-walks, aframes, teeters, banged herself into some weavepoles and what-not. The poor baby MUST need SEVERAL adjustments with all of the abuse her joints have been through. Please forgive me, I learn bit by bit and I never really had the money to just go and have my dog massaged or adjusted. I'm not a COMPLETE failure though! I did give her "minor" massages myself when I felt she needed them.

So, since I have just started babbling all over the place about how Abbey is amazing and I need to be better...LIKE ALWAYS...let me actually give you all a heads up as to what is going to be happening. I was gifted with an exercise ball, so that's part of this deal as well.

1. Work on the exercise ball
2.Go to the rehab center in Davie at least once a month
3.South Florida summers are getting near the lake, beach, and pools are going to be frequented both for cooling off and for getting exercise and conditioning for those joints.
4.Joint supplement...yeah talk about me slacking on the job
5.Contacts and weaves training!!

Now...The best news of all...I AM EMPLOYED! Thank goodness because it was getting RUFF. Wish Abbey and I luck and we will also try to implement some photos and videos for your viewing pleasure. Who just wants to read a lot of words all the time, right?

All American Team, Over and out!