Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 In Review

Well, you may have noticed I have not been actively posting since the summer time. That's because I have just been too darn busy! School, work, meetings, homework. Since you don't know everything that has transpired let's take a quick recap.

Abbey won her first Steeplechase competition back in February at the Free Spirit agility trial. We also attended an easter egg hunt later on in April. Which was heaps of fun and excitement along with continental breakfast for human and doggie. After that, Abbey and I spent the summer fostering some dogs, swimming in the lake and doing some rehabilitation exercises. The February trial was our only trial of the year. Now, by the time fall started so did school which ate up 100% of my time. I went five days a week, and then worked on the weekends. Abbey went through a good three months of neglect aside from the occasional tennis ball through, poor dear.

Abbey's eighth birthday rolled around approximately 1 week and a half ago and I decided I would take her to the agility field so that I could have some fun with her there. Just me and my dog. Well, she proved that 3-4 months of being a complete couch potato had no adverse effects on her natural agility talent. For those who have yet to see the video, clickedy click on the link below. As for 2013, I am predicting many more trials, finally heading to the chiropractor, and perhaps an AKC trial or two. Abbey has proven so many things to me over the years and every time we step into the ring it's like she gets better and better. Aging like the most amazing fine wine. Even at time when I haven't been the best handler, she has been the most perfect and incredible dog RIGHT after my own heart.

2013, The Amazing Team!

Abbey's Birthday Celebration