Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Get those Contacts!!!

Abbey and I played agility today!!

At the field where we usually train they got some BRAND NEW CONTACTS!! They still have the old ones, yes, but they had NEW ONES. Hahaha, New Year, New Contacts...ALL AWESOME!! Now, these are just some raw video clips that I took for those of you who love to watch my crazy mutt in training -cough-NAT-cough-. She is doing SO WELL!! I am proud of how she performed on a brand new never before seen teeter (which was actually a pretty loud one). I am glad she didn't get freaked by the slightly louder DW as well. As a matter of fact I think we have come a pretty long way!!

She's so cute going after her disc and playing in the water tub. It was VERY hot today (83 degrees) and she performed stupendously. Our trial this weekend is going to be cold so I don't know how that will affect us. She's already fast...any faster and she'll break my ankle. Hopefully she'll give me time to think, LOL, think so that I know which obstacle to take while she's zooming past me.

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Looks like you got a lot of good practice in! Too bad the new contacts arent rubber.