Friday, June 8, 2012


Well, I've finally done it to a degree where it will become permanent. The dogs have gone RAW. Not just raw, but prey-model raw. I have been switching between a BARF diet and high quality kibble/canned food since Abbey was a puppy, but I have decided to become dedicated and join the raw-volution. So, after I picked up my check today, I went to the natural pet store and picked up 2 packages (one raw ground bone, organ, and beef and the other Venison meat) to bring home and mix. All that being taken care of, I have packaged perfect portions and put them in the freezer. I think tomorrow I might make my way to Winn Dixie across the street to get some yogurt to supplement it with, but other than that...PICTURE TIME!

All packaged and separated in the freezer

Abbey Portion

Bella Portion

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Natasha said...

That's awesome news! So happy to hear about the switch to prey-model, looking forward to hearing how it goes! :D