Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's a Skipper!

What's this? Someone new? Is it permanent? Well, no, not really. It's my foster dog, Skipper. Skipper is a Pomeranian Mix from Paws4You Rescue here in South Florida. When I went to go pick him up, I had the option of choosing from a terrier mix, who had just been returned, and him, who hasn't even been adopted out yet. When I got him home I honestly couldn't understand what the issue was. The dog, aside from a few minor marking incidents, is completely housebroken and knows how to behave inside the house (i.e. no chewing, no racing around the coffee table, etc.). Due to all his "goodness" my dad almost became a foster failure. Now, I have nothing against Skipper, he's amazing...BUT I have a special slot available for my next dog and I know what I want it to be. So, here I am molding senor Skip into an upstanding citizen that no one can possibly resist. So far, we have been working on fairly basic stuff like "it's yer choice", no counter surfing, offering a sit before meal time, multiple dog "name game", calming behaviours, and some basic obedience. Now, he really does pass with flying colours on most of this stuff. He is very food motivated and attentive. He is energetic, but not with so many demanding needs that a family would have to worry about him causing destruction. He sleeps well in his ex-pen at night too! It's obvious that this dog deserves a loving and wonderful home with a great family who can give him love and attention. If anyone in the South Florida area knows of someone who'd like an awesome dog like Skipper please comment below! Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how to promote your foster dog...please don't hesitate to give me some!. 

All American Team...over and out ;-).

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Natasha said...

Skipper!! Such a cool-sounding little dog.