Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What A Workout!

This morning, after I came from the Doctor (follow-up post surgery), Abbey and I did some exercise on the ball. We previously had only 2 sessions and that was more to get Abbey used to jumping on the ball and orienting herself into different positions. Today we officially did a work-out. I had her jump onto the ball and do a series on sits, downs, stands, and sit prettys. Currently her sit pretty is a bit off-balance and she grasps at my arm for support, but that's alright in my opinion. As she becomes more and more comfortable and finds her "footing" she'll be able to perform that position independently. Funny enough, as we were working Abbey came up with a rather clever position...performing her handstand on the ball. I thought this was great for working on her hind end awareness and also strength and balance.

After all that work, which went for about 5 minutes maybe 8, we decided to take some pictures so that everyone could see. What better way to express the taxing effect of the workout than the dog, the ball, and a relaxed pose. Yes, my friends, the photo is a pose/trick of Abbey's called "on your side". I love this shot of her next to the ball, because in the beginning she was a bit wary of it and now not only is she overjoyed to work on it, but also comfortable enough to lie against it. We'll be doing sessions like this every day from now until the beginning of May, and then move to only 3-4 times a week. As she lays at my feet while I'm typing this blog all I can think is man WHAT A WORKOUT!

We'll be headed to the Dog Park this afternoon. Keep following us, there is more progress and pictures to come!

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Natasha said...

You definitely need a vid of that handstand on the ball!! :D Love the photo too!