Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Practice of the Season

Abbey has finally gotten to see agility equipment again!! About time too, she almost forgot about DW and teeter performance.

We had a nice training session today, lots of fun. Got a super fast DW out of her (1.45 seconds to be exact) and beautiful jump wraps. I have decided, next time, to keep our session shorter as she got tired after running and training for an hour.

I am going to try and work more on Abbey's toy and tugging drive. She is VERY food driven and although she LIKES her toys, I think it's necessary to continue to build a higher toy drive so that I have more than one trick in my arsenal during training.

Hopefully soon I will have a job to be able to support the need that have to go and train more often. I have my fingers crossed, keep sending positivity our way.

~All American Team

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