Friday, February 4, 2011

Few and Far Between

Well, I played with Abbey a bit today with Abbey working on our cross your paws trick. That's going well and Abbey is quite the enthusiastic worker. The only problem has been that we haven't quite gotten into a groove yet. Oh yes, we're getting there I swear. Chemistry class does surprisingly take up time...aaand I have the worst time management skills of any human being. For a brief time in December Abbey got to her enjoy a few days with me where she went to the dog park and went swimming. In January we had the trial...and now we're trying to adjust our busy and hectic schedules to our linking. I know I sound like a broken record. But despite the repetativeness of my words, improvements have been made. I found out Abbey likes Shetland Sheepdogs, can be clicker trained to do anything but has a mind of her own, and loves new tricks so much that she goes through spazzed offerings just to get the clicker to sound.

GOOD NEWS: Bella learned how to give her paw. Bella, the little puppy who HATES having her paws touched learned how to give her paw. Ahh the wonders of clicker training.

I'm going to upload pictures of what Abbey and I have been doing in my next blog post including her antics with the tennis ball. Keep reading about us, we'll keep blogging.


Nat said...

Chem will take over your life. I'm warning you, LOL :) Don't worry about it, you're smart, I'm sure you'll be able to do well in the class and still do stuff with the dogs.

I've never figured out a way to teach my dogs to cross their paws, how are you training it? All of the methods I've tried just confuse us ;)

Abbey likes shelties! :D You know what I think that means? I think she's trying to tell you that she wants to meet a certain sheltie up in ON :)

cattledogagility101 said...

Hahaha, Tarra is also VERY interested in shelties. No clue why. I wonder what she's thinking and what she would think if she saw one that was shaved or had short hair. lol And yes, the wonders of clicker training, hehehe! :)